Nuove spedizioni in USA!!

Nuove spedizioni in USA!!

Continuano l’esportazione e la vendita dei nostri prodotti in USA, in particolare questa volta riguardano la vendita del nostro olio ligure, motivo per cui non è più disponibile sul sito in quanto è stato tutto venduto, e delle creme di nocciola che saranno spedite a breve!! E’ una soddisfazione che i nostri prodotti siano apprezzati e ancor più valorizzati all’estero!! 😀

Dopo avervi aggiornato vi auguro una buona domenica di sole primaverile!!

Dove trovare i nostri prodotti e chi li utilizza!!

Dove trovare i nostri prodotti e chi li utilizza!!

Potete trovare i nostri prodotti, oltre che in frantoio, anche nei seguenti enti commerciali:

– “Simbiosi” a Chiavari (olio e prodotti alla nocciola);

– Enoteca “la Cantina” a Lavagna (olio e prodotti alla nocciola);

–  “Panificio Silvio” a Lavagna (olio e prodotti alla nocciola);

– “Pescheria Mare Blu” a Carasco e a Chiavari (olio);

– Bar e Pasticceria “Macera” a Borzonasca (olio);

– “Brizzolara Alimentari” a Villa Noce, Rezzoaglio (prodotti alla nocciola);

– “Il Bucaneve” a S. Stefano (olio e prodotti alla nocciola);

– “Fontana e Fugazzi” a S. Stefano (olio e prodotti alla nocciola);

– Bar e Ristorante “Anna Maria” al Passo del Bocco, Mezzanego (olio e prodotti alla nocciola);

– “Mini Marker” a Sopra la Croce, Borzonasca (prodotti alla nocciola);

– “La Gerla” a Santa Margherita (prodotti alla nocciola);

– Panificio “Torre” a S. Colombano (olio e prodotti alla nocciola);

– “U Besagnin” a Casarza Ligure (olio);

– “Il Bedongustaio” a Bedonia (olio e prodotti alla nocciola).


Le nostre nocciole misto Chiavari vengono utilizzate dai seguenti negozi per produrre prodotti unici:

– Panificio e Pasticceria “Barbieri” a Chiavari;

– Panificio e Pasticceria “Non Solo Pane” a Chiavari;

– Pasticceria “Copello” a Chiavari;

– Bar e Pasticceria “Macera” a Borzonasca (anche vendita olio);

– Bar e Pasticceria “Marre” a S. Stefano;

– Caffe e Pasticceria “Rossignotti”, Sestri Levante;

– Ristorante “Rosso Carne” a Genova;

– Caffe e Pasticceria “Mangini” a Genova.

Oil: the budget gets serious, half domestic production in 2016

Oil: the budget gets serious, half domestic production in 2016

Oil: the budget gets serious, half domestic production in 2016

The 2016 confirms one of the worst years ever for the Italian oil. The latest analysis of Coldiretti Unaprol-Ismea estimates based on have lowered the already very poor weather, with the decline in production that goes so far as to 243mila tons, 49 percent less than in 2015.

Bad in the South, where the -50 per cent estimated to date may be too optimistic, while the Middle the decline is just over 40 percent. Discordant North that shows a progression from last year is because the climatic conditions have not appeared much unfavorable as to the South, and because having productive basins more content was more widespread control and defense against diseases.

To highlight that in many areas the olive is fairly recent so the plants come into full production in recent years, expressing the utmost potential. The mills have opened in advance throughout the country and not only for a practice that is becoming customary to gather just the olive is ripe, thus preserving all the organoleptic and sensorial oils Kit, but for a much more practical issue, namely to rescue what was left of the production.

This year, the advance of the collection has been dictated by the fear that yet another fly attack could further damage the olives, or rather those who still had resisted previous attacks. Many olives, in fact, have been the subject of fruit drop and other not collected because already compromised.

What was not expected was that the year after discharge, structural excellent production last year that in some areas of the South has touched record highs, the pair had adverse effects of inclement weather, which alternated so bizarre hot and cold, with rain at times inappropriate. Already the first phenological stages had foreshadowed a year that was anything but generous. In many areas, the wind and the cold had resulted in a poor fruit set after a bloom that, on average, was between mediocre and good.

With our national oil deficiency also increases the risk of fraud and deception in a situation where there is more Spanish than Italian oil in bottles filled nationally and in 2 cases out of 3 contain more than 60% foreign product coming from Spain, the 25% from Greece but almost 10% from a non-EU country like Tunisia.

Italy ranks as the world’s largest importer to an estimated 500 million pounds higher than in 2016 compared with domestic production of 298 million pounds, also due to the advantages granted by the European Union which has just given the green light to import without duties, unfortunately the European Union of 35,000 tons per year that are in addition to current 56,700 tons at zero duty already provided for in the Association Agreement Eu-Tunisia , bringing the total of arrivals “facilitated” annual over quota 90 thousand tons.